June 6, 2020
We are so sad to share that Sino Restaurant + Lounge Dim Sum will not be re-opening

 It is with a heavy heart we bid farewell to Sino Restaurant and Lounge. Opened in 2005, we have been an integral part of the South Bay dining scene. We were given the opportunity to bring modern Chinese and Dim Sum to Santana Row and we did just that with a beautiful

restaurant, energetic team and some of the best dim sum around. This was by no means an easy decision for us as we only planned to close for two weeks, but as weeks turned into months, more and more we began to feel the pain of uncertainty looming. These very uncertainties are the primary driver behind our decision not to reopen. 15 years of memories are hard to sum up in a short goodbye and due to the pandemic, we will not even be able to have a proper last service with our team. We would like to thank our patrons who have been with us throughout the years and the many talented tea members who have passed through our doors that we have had the pleasure to work with. We would like to end this not with a sad

goodbye but as a chance to change. As an industry we need time to heal, time to

learn, time to adapt in this new world of COVID-19. We look to the future with hope for the changes we need in our communities, our country, and our world for

our happiness, peace and well-being.


Although Sino will no longer be open, our sister brand Straits Restaurant and Lounge will carry on the spirit of hospitality and welcome everyone back when the county deems it safe.

Thanks again for a great run!

-Yeo Family 

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